Hello, I'm Allie!

It's so lovely to meet you.

Yes, we're probably getting ready to become great friends!

Hello! Are you ready for an abundance of oversharing? Buckle up, and dive right in!

From the moment I can remember I have been a go getter. I love jumping into each day and conquering it. I met my husband when we were teenagers, and I truly believe that when you find your "person" in life you just KNOW. I am a mother, and my sons are one of the most life changing and special parts of my life. They have taught me patience (something that isn't natural for me!) and flexibility in approaching each day.

I adore traveling. In fact if I am not working, odds are I am traveling or planning a trip. 

I find some of my greatest inspiration from being immersed in other cultures.

I am an avid animal lover. I am a dog mom. If I see a stranger with a dog odds are I am going to talk to them (the dog, not the owner) and use my dog mom voice.

I am a true Foodie. I love to cook, I love to eat, and I love literally every ethnicity of cuisine. I will try anything at least once. I have a strange fear of eels though, so don't ask me to eat one (and forget snorkeling, because I have no intention of coming face to face with one ever again.

Long story, ask me about it at your engagement session). I literally can't wait to meet you!

I married my HS sweetheart.


I Visit France Multiple times a year because I adore the culture and it inspires me as an artist.

I love mid-century architecture and I have been renovating a 1963 ranch house for 3 years.

I am an iced coffee addict, the more ice, the better!

I had a career in fashion for many years prior to being a wedding photographer, so I approach all wedding days from a perspective of creating content with style.

My favorite color isn't a color ...  it's white!

I have 2 young sons, and I have yet to find a bridal party harder than them!

I thrive on capturing emotion.

I am a foodie, and there is nothing I won't eat ... except olives!


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